Purdue Virtual Desktop

Note: PVD is not available to students yet.

The Purdue Virtual Desktop (PVD) service allows Purdue students and instructors to remotely access a virtual desktop complete with select software applications from any device. You have access to dozens of the most widely used software applications for teaching, learning, and research. 

In addition, PVD provides students with a convenient alternative to physical campus computer labs. Once fully implemented, students can use PVD to access the same functionality of the computer labs from any PC, Mac, iOS or Android device with internet access. Although students still have the option to utilize physical labs, PVD offers additional flexibility and convenience, especially during times of inclement weather, travel or when a lab machine is not available. 

This service provides students and instructors with greater freedom to complete their work on their own schedule without being confined by physical limitations. This cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure includes enhanced security, robust scalability for instructional use, the ability to utilize multiple apps in one virtual desktop, a persistent profile for each session, and access to your OneDrive storage. 

How do I connect to the Purdue Virtual Desktop? 

Please see instructions to Access PVD available in the knowledge base at service.purdue.edu. 

What applications are available? 

Many popular applications are available, including Office 365, Acrobat, SPSS, RStudio, SOLIDWORKS, and more. New applications are being added throughout early 2024. 

Can I still use Software Remote? 

The Software Remote service provides access to virtual software and does not include a desktop for students. This service will be discontinued after PVD is fully implemented at the end of Spring 2024. 

Questions about PVD should be directed to the Purdue IT Service Desk.